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“We are so thankful for your assemblies.
They have resurged a very positive,
necessary response to understanding writing
and, in general, the English-language arts.”

Nadine Jackson-Ivey, Principal
Governor George Clinton Elementary School
Poughkeepsie, New York

Punctuation Playtime® performs
at Los Angeles-area shopping center

Punctuation is FUN!

Punctuation is important
in helping children learn to read
and write with clarity

Playtime in the classroomPunctuation Playtime® founders Jeff Rubin and Norma Martínez-Rubin believe that reaching children at the beginning of their scholastic careers is critical in helping them develop the reading and written communication skills that will be a key not only to their academic success, but to their professional success as adults.

Punctuation Playtime®, a 45-minute program for children in grades 1-6, takes a subject that children might roll their eyes at and makes it an engaging and enjoyable learning experience.

Jeff and Norma involve the children in a participatory, theater-like experience. The program encourages teamwork and involvement while teaching proper punctuation. They do this with fun activities such as:

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  • The Punctuation Relay
  • The Wynken, Blynken, and Nod Poetry Punctuation Contest
  • The Punctuation Rap, performed by facilitators AND students (Listen to the Punctuation Rap®), and
  • Pin the Punctuation Mark on the Sentence
Santa Susana School
— all designed to reinforce important punctuation lessons.

Jeff, founder of National Punctuation Day®, and his wife, Norma, are passionate about providing children with tools that will enhance their literacy.

They provide fun, educational take-home activities that the children can do with their family and friends. For example, each student receives an activity book featuring punctuation mark examples and definitions; punctuation mazes, puzzles, contests, and matching games; and colorful punctuation quizzes.

Playtime in China

Teachers receive teaching tools and classroom aids, including a dozen punctuation-related activities to use throughout the year, and a set of four, 4-color punctuation posters for the classroom.

Learning is easiest when people laugh and have FUN! The children will remember this program — and the lessons they learned — for a lifetime!

Punctuation Playtime® is offered in both English and Spanish.

Punctuation Playtime

is grateful to these organizations
for their financial support:

Contra Costa Education Fund

Mechanics Bank

Cal State 9 Credit Union

Levine-Jacobson Fund for Children