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Order Punctuation Playtime®

Punctuation ManThere are two ways to order Punctuation Playtime®

We (Norma and Jeff) will be pleased to come to your school and perform Punctuation Playtime®.

We love working with young students. We have been doing the program in Northern California schools, but we would love to expand our reach to any school that would like to have us.

We usually do one grade level in an assembly; all of the schools we’ve done so far have three classes of 20 students in each grade. We have found this is a good number of children for this program.

We’d love to talk to you about coming to your school. Please call us at (510) 724-9507, or e-mail Jeff at jeff@PunctuationPlaytime.com.

The other way to get Punctuation Playtime® is to purchase our instructional DVD. It shows teachers all of the punctuation activities we conduct with the children, and the intent of each.

Our goal is to give teachers enough guidance and information in the video to replicate Punctuation Playtime® in their classrooms, or with a group of teachers from the same grade.   Teachers may share the video, so that classes in several grades in one school will be able to share in the learning.

It’s a great value!
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In addition to the DVD, you’ll also receive a CD with:

  • a Teachers’ Activity Kit (12 punctuation activities for the classroom)
  • a Kids’ Activity Kit (23 punctuation activities to be done individually and with parents)
  • a set of four, 4-color punctuation posters for the teacher to hang in his/her classroom
  • The Punctuation Rap music and lyrics
  • the words to Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
  • sentences used for Pin the Punctuation Mark on the Sentence
  • a set of 10 National Punctuation Day® greeting cards
  • a National Punctuation Day® latte mug
  • a National Punctuation Day® T-shirt


(Price includes shipping in the United States. To Canada or Mexico add $9 per DVD/CD package; to other countries add $20 per DVD/CD package.)

We also offer school districts an in-service workshop for teachers called
Punctuation Playtime® for Teachers - A Playful Period for Creative Punctuation Practice. Through small-group and interactive activities, participants will reinvigorate their personal teaching styles with some proven techniques we have created for classroom use. Call us at (510) 724-9507 for information. We can conduct this program for teachers in conjunction with Punctuation Playtime® programs for the children.